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Origin: France

Date: ca. 1770

This fan is made of beautiful carved and pierced mother of pearl sticks and a double handpainted paper leaf mounted à l'anglaise. The sticks are carved with flower filled vases, bows and cupid's quiver and have gold foil attached to them .  The front of the leaf is handpainted with a biblical scene from the Genesis. I have searched high and low, but failed to identify it. It is not the family of Darius before Alexander (Alexander is too old) and also not Moses before the Pharaoh. The scene shows a seated King and Queen and a family before them with various bystanders, warriors etc. The scene is set against the backdrop of a monumental palace (evoking images of Versailles).  The reverse is handpainted with a warrior's farewell - his wife or lover  is clearly very upset.

Length: 9.5" (24 cm) Width: 18" (46 cm)

Condition: Very good, with excellent antique (late Victorian or Edwardian) repairs on the upper guardsticks and one inner stick (see photos). Very minor wear to the leaf folds as is to be expected for a fan of this age. The colours are still very fresh.

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