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Origin: France

Date: ca. 1905-1910

This rare bright pink coloured and very sparkly fan was made by one of the Parisian high quality fan makers such as Faucon or Duvelleroy and retailed by E. Dreyfous, London. Sadly, it is impossible to show how sparkly and light reflecting it is in photos. It would have been perfect for the dimly lit early Edwardian ballrooms. Its design is inspired by the small fans of the First French Empire, but the fan dates to around 1905-1910. It is made of carved, pierced and gold painted boxwood sticks and a double gold coloured net and bright pink silk leaf. The silk leaf has been cut away in places to reveal the net leaf underneath. The front of the leaf is covered with silver and gold coloured sequins and spangles.

The fan comes in its original leather covered and satin lined box which bears the retailer's label for E. Dreyfous, 104E Mount Street, London W.

Length: 7.5" (19 cm) Width: 13.75" (35 cm)

Condition: Excellent.

Price: SOLD

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