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"The Victorious Allies of World War I"

Origin: France

Date: 1917/1918

Manufacturer: Chambrelent

This rare fan is made of purple painted wooden sticks and a double paper leaf. The front leaf is printed with the flags of the Allies (Italy, Belgium, UK, France, USA, Serbia and Japan). The Russian flag is also present, but due to the events unfolding in 1917 (i.e. the entry of the USA into war with Germany and the Bolshevik Revolution), the Russian Imperial flag was replaced with the American flag, which was simply cut-out and applied to the otherwise printed leaf (clearly visible in the 3rd and 4th photograph). The fan motif is numbered "B. 88." and was published and the design patented by "Éventails Chambrelent, Paris, Deposé".

Length: 7.25" (18.5 cm)  Width: 13.25" (33.5 cm)

Condition: Excellent, crisp with strong colours, with the exception of a tea? stain on the reverse (not very apparent on the front due to the matching background colour), one inner wooden stick has a hairline fracture (in grain of wood), but this does not run through the stick and does not present a problem during the opening and closing of the fan and is highly unlikely to do so in the future (i.e. it is very stable).

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