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Origin: France

Date: 1863

This fan is an extremely rare survivor from a ball that took place on 26 March 1863. The fan was given at the ball and has a small matching pink cotton sleeve attached to the back that once held a pencil with which the dance partners could be noted on the front of the leaf or on the wooden sticks - this fan / dance card is unused and in pristine condition - which is a small miracle!

The fan is made of fruit (pear?) wood sticks and a double bright pink paper leaf. The front leaf shows 3 round lithographs. The right one shows the dance programme for the night, the middle one shows the dances with spaces for the prospective dance partners and the right one shows the dinner menu (which is lavish to say the least). The lithographs were engraved/printed by "E. Spanier lith." The reverse leaf is plain pink.

Length: 8.5" (22 cm) Width: 15.75" (40.5 cm)

Condition: Amazingly excellent, with a tiny imperceptible tear in the top edge of the leaf - barely visible (see photos).

Price: SOLD

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