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Origin: France

Date: 1865-1875

This excellent telescopic fan is made of carved and pierced bone sticks and a double black silk moiré (front) and taffeta (back) leaf with a white/cream coloured bobbin lace border. The sticks are inlaid with round steel clouté. When closed, the fan retracts to 7" long. Such fans were very desirable in mid-Victorian times, because they easily fit into the internal skirt pockets that were fashionable in gowns of that era.

Length: 7" (18 cm) when fully retracted, 10" (25 cm) when fully extended; Width: 18.5" (47 cm)

Condition: Excellent, with the exception of a few missing tiny steel clouté pieces (of no consequence). The backing guardstick has been rejoined in one place (remember that bone sticks are always made up of several smaller sections that were joined to make up the required length).

This fan comes in its original cardboard box, which is the main reason why it is in such excellent condition.

Price: SOLD

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