18th Century Chinese Hand Painted Fan


Large 18th century fan made of gold painted Chinese sticks and a hand painted paper leaf. The front is handpainted with flowers and insects.



Origin: China

Date: ca. 1720

This large early 18th century fan is made of gold painted Chinese sticks (with tortoiseshell thumb guards) and a silvery grey coloured double paper leaf. The leaf may date to the later 18th century (no later than 1885). The sticks are typical for Chinese export fans of around 1720. The front and back of the sticks show a geometric pattern, fish, crustacean and flowers. The leaf is handpainted with a whimsical Chinese inspired floral pattern and what appear to be dragonflies?.

Length: 11″ (28 cm) Width: 18.75″ (47.5 cm)

Condition: Excellent, usable condition. Some rubbing of the gold paint on the guardsticks.