Antique Victorian Cream Silk Wedding Parasol


Rare English carriage parasol made of a cream coloured knotted silk cover with a matching silk lining. The handle is carved with a twisted rope design and dog’s head.




Origin: England

Date: ca. 1855

No respectable Victorian lady would have left the house without carrying a fashionable parasol.

This carriage parasol was made in England. It is made of a handle that is carved to resemble a twisted rope and ends on a beautiful carved dog’s (greyhound) head. The canopy is covered with a rare hand knotted silk cover ending in a silk fringe (Godey’s Ladies Book 1855: Godey’s unrivalled¬†colored fashions shows such a parasol with a silk net cover). The lining and interlining are made of cream coloured silk. The carved finial has a matching cream coloured silk tassel attached. The internal workings of this parasol are made of baleen (whalebone) and black painted steel.

The parasol measures ca. 15.5″ (39 cm) long when folded, ca. 27″ (69.5 cm) long when fully extended and ca. 17″ (44 cm) wide when fully open.

The parasol is in very good working/usable condition. The interlining has a small split and two antique repairs and someone has added a small amount of silk to the lining around the shaft (presumably to cover up small holes). One of the dog’s two inlaid eyes is missing.

IMPORTANT!!! Please note, that I used a rubber band to keep the parasol open, to avoid splitting/damaging the cover further. A rubber band should always be used, particularly on parasols where the cover is still intact! Intact covers are just too rare to find these days.