RESERVED Edwardian Advertising Fan by Georges Redon


A French Edwardian Era advertising fan designed by Georges Redon (1869-1943) for the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Restaurant, London, in 1911.



Origin: France

Date: 1911

Georges Redon (1869-1943) designed many advertising fans for various French and British hotels and restaurants. In his many varied designs, he captured society and the human condition with great skill and a great sense of humour. This is my favourite design of the series that depicts various characters situated in 1830s fashionable French society. They often involve leering gents and seemingly coy, yet calculating young ladies. The expression on the dogs face in this design says it all!

The fan is made of wooden sticks and a double paper leaf. The leaf is printed with a wealthy gentleman who appears to woo a young, coy lady. I am not sure if she is all that coy! Her little lap dog just looks alarmed, bewildered, begging ….. The fan is signed “Georges Redon 11”. The reverse shows the advertising for the (Ritz) Carlton Hotel and Restaurant, London.
Length: 9.5″ (24 cm) Width: 17.75″ (45.5 cm)

Condition: Excellent condition (see photos).