Fine Chinese Embroidered Silk and Ivory Fan


Fine Cantonese ivory fan 清代象牙扇 in its original lacquered wooden box. The silk leaf hand embroidered with white silk threads showing the dragon Feilong 飛龍 surrounded by clouds. The box with a handpainted blue silk panel inside its lid.



Origin: China

Date: ca. 1890-1910

This small Cantonese fan is made of carved and pierced ivory sticks and a silk leaf. The guardsticks are carved with peonies and the inner sticks with highly stylized flowers and figures. The silk leaf is hand embroidered with white silk threads showing the flying dragon Feilong surrounded by clouds. The fan has a double silk tassel attached to it.
The fan comes in its original brown lacquered wooden box with a cardboard and blue silk fitting. The inside of the lid is handpainted with a pheasant and peonies on blue coloured silk.

Length: 7.25″ (18.5 cm) Width: 13.25″ (33.5 cm)

Condition: Both, the box and the fan are in rare perfect condition.