Rare Jane Austen Era Horn Brise Fan


Jane Austen Era brise fan made of profusely carved and pierced horn sticks. A highly decorative fan that was designed to be seen and admired, rather than used.



Origin: France

Date: ca. 1815-1825

This Jane Austen Era brise fan is made of profusely carved and pierced natural coloured horn sticks. Excessively carved and pierced brise fans like this one are rare survivors! It is difficult to believe that this delicate design could be achieved in the early 19th century. Sadly, the techniques and machines used to make these fans are long lost.
This small type of brise fan was referred to as an “imperceptible” in the early 19th century, because it could be easily concealed within a pocket or reticule. This fan was purely decorative and made to be seen, rather than used, since the excessively cut design does not allow for any air to be moved.
Length: 6″ (15.5 cm) Width: 11.25″ (28.5 cm)

Condition: Very good condition with a few tiny flaws, as per photos. I believe that this fan originally had another stick to complete the symmetry. The ribbon has been properly replaced.