Painted Jane Austen Era Horn Brise Fan


Classic Jane Austen Era brise fan made of carved, pierced and hand painted horn sticks in very good, usable condition.



Origin: France

Date: ca. 1810-1825

This classic Jane Austen Era brise fan is made of carved and pierced horn sticks. The horn is dyed a bright yellow colour and hand painted with colourful flowers on the front and back.
The natural colour of horn is greyish-beige. It was often dyed to make it stand out more against the white evening gowns. In some cases, it was dyed to resemble tortoiseshell. This small type of brise fan was referred to as an “imperceptible” in the early 19th century, because it could be easily concealed within a pocket or reticule.

Length: 6.25″ (15.5 cm) Width: 11.75″ (29.5 cm)

Condition: Very good, usable condition. I noticed a couple of very small flaws in the horn (see photos). The ribbon was properly replaced.