RESERVED – Rare Japanese Telescopic Shibayama Fan


Rare Japanese telescopic fan made of bone or ivory sticks and a handpainted silk on paper leaf. The upper guardsticks and ojime with Shibayama inlay.



Origin: Japan

Date: ca. 1870-1880

This fan has telescopic sticks – its sticks retract, when the fan is not in use – it is a pretty nifty design! Telescopic fans were designed to fit into the large crinoline skirt pockets or a reticule/purse.
This fan is made of highly polished bone or marine ivory sticks and a double silk on paper leaf. The gold coloured front leaf is handpainted with small roundels with various persons in traditional dress placed in stereotypical Japanese landscapes. The back is handpainted with flowers, mainly peonies, wisteria and chrysanthemums. The upper guardsticks are decorated with gold lacquer (hiramaki-e) and once had small coral dots inlaid (sadly these small inlaid dots are now missing). The silk tassel has an ivory ojime bead attached that is inlaid with Shibayama in the form of cherry blossoms.

Length (retracted): 8.75″ (22 cm) Length (extended): 9.75″ (25) Width: 16.5″ (42 cm)

Condition: Good condition, with an antique, professional repair on one guardstick and a more modern? repair on one inner stick and corresponding leaf fold (see last photos). The tassel is fixed. The telescopic mechanism works fine.