Yellow Ostrich Art Deco Flapper Fan


An extremely large Ostrich feather flapper fan, possibly by Duvelleroy, made of carved and painted ivory sticks and yellow ombré Ostrich feathers.



Origin: France

Date: ca. 1920

This glorious and extremely large Ostrich feather flapper fan was almost certainly made by Duvelleroy, Paris – its sticks are very distinctive and its quality unmistakable. It is similar in style to the fan shown in the fashion plate which dates to 1920. Here, a huge black Ostrich feather fan accompanies a lady in an exquisite Worth evening dress. This fan is made of ivory sticks that are carved with roses, forget-me-nots and musical instrumens and painted in pastel blue, red and and pink hues. The very large Ostrich feathers are dyed a rich, yet warm yellow colour that fades into a pastel yellow towards the edges and tips of the feathers to create an ombré effect. Ombré fans were very popular in the 1920s.

Length: 29.5″ (75 cm) Width: 38.25″ (97 cm)

Condition: Excellent, usable condition.