It can be devastating when a treasured antique fan is broken, but you shouldn’t count the fan as a loss just yet. It may be possible to repair the fan so you will be able to use it or display it once more.

In my two decades’ experience of repairing fans, I’ve returned many damaged fans to their original glory and developed the skills to handle the most common condition problems.

I also offer appraisal services if you have a fan you want to know the value of.

The range of fan repair services I offer include

  • Cleaning fans
  • Repairing or replacing broken ribbons on brisé fans
  • Re-stringing or re-ribboning feather fans
  • Repairing or replacing broken sticks
  • Repairing paper leaves

If you own a fan in need of repair, I’ll first ask for high-quality images so I can provide an estimate of the cost. Once your fan is in my workshop, I’ll be able to examine it and provide a quote before starting the repair.

Before all this takes place, the first step is to email me, and we can begin discussing your fan and the type of repair it may need.